Liana Gabel is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and tap dancer, who lives to perform live in intimate solo settings as a one-woman band, or screaming her heart out with her rocking backup band (the Liana Gabel Band). Born and raised in Rochester New York, Liana made her home in the Hudson River Valley, lending her unique voice to the local music scene. Apart from fronting her own band, she has appeared in a steady stream of different projects—jazz quintet Liana and the Michael's, an EP of songs with songwriter Oscar Bilger, and currently performing with Los Doggies. Her own debut solo studio album—Rest and Heal—was released in 2013.

V-day with Liana Band at Bacchus in New Paltz 

Liana Gabel and Los Doggies at Bacchus

Saturday, February 14 @ 10:00 PM  

Come spend your smoochie post date night making out to the loving
sounds of Los Doggies and Liana Gabel! See you at Bacchus this coming V Day!

Friday Sept. 5 in Beacon! 

Hey Folks! 
Lana and I will be playing together this coming Friday Sept 5th at Quinns in Beacon (330 Main St. Beacon, NY)!
We are so very excited to announce we will be splitting the bill with Thomas Wesley Stern, Accidental Seabirds, and The Barefoot Boys with Boots! 
Music starts around 8:30
See you there! 

Tin Roof Sessions 

This Sunday the 15th at 7 pm my band and I will be playing at the tin roof sessions in New Paltz NY with the band Pocket of Lollipops. If you would like to join us for this fathers day extravaganza email tinroofsessions@gmail.com. Let them know how many you are bringing and when you plan to attend ( june 15th). Looking forward to it! 

Rest and Heal, Liana's latest album of original music is complete! You can purchase and stream the album online at www.lianaband.bandcamp.com as well as on itunes! Spread the word! Like Liana Gabel on Facebook




Rest and Heal

by Liana Gabel

  1. 1 Buy [Info] Rest and Heal 04:34
  2. 2 Buy [Info] Foolish 02:53
  3. 3 Buy [Info] Heart by the Hand 03:32
  4. 4 Buy [Info] Big Sur 02:37
  5. 5 Buy [Info] Sun Within 03:12
  6. 6 Buy [Info] Emerald Green 05:33
  7. 7 Buy [Info] Fundamental Sweater 03:38
  8. 8 Buy [Info] Ti Voglio Bene 04:07
  9. 9 Buy [Info] Better 03:20
  10. 10 Buy [Info] Another Place, Another Time 03:50

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