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Go Outside

Liana Gabel

This album was recorded at The Creative Sanctuary in Arcata
California by Daniel Nickerson and mastered by Timmy at
Big Bang Productions.

Liana Gabel- tap dancing, voice, guitar, hand claps
Matt Takiff- alto and tenor saxophone, viola, violin, guitar
Hannah Rosencrans- irish step dancing, voice, hand claps
Daniel Nickerson- guitar, bass, voice, piano, accordion, drums, organ
Katie Belknap- whistling
Jesse Alm- cello

Photography- Maggie Heinzel-Neel

Go Outside was made possible by The Creative Sanctuary in Arcata
California and Hear Her Out Music Productions.
Thank you to Catelyn Augustine for your encouragement,
support and guidance. Special thanks to Brenda Buffalino,
Katie Belknap, Paul Tobin, Solomon Lowenstein III, James Kloor,
Sean Pitney, Carissa Clark, Cyrus Smith, and Alison Kinney, Natalie and Roary

All songs were written by Liana Gabel and arranged in collaboration
with the musicians on the album. All rights reserved ©2017.
For lyrics and more visit www.lianagabel.com.
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Lianas New Album is Complete!  

I have just released a new full length album! Check it out!

Here is the story:

Go Outside was written during a residency at the Creative Sanctuary in Arcata CA in the fall of 2016. With the help of Hear Her Out Music Productions, I returned in the spring to the Sanctuary to record Go Outside with Daniel Nickerson, Hannah Rosencrans and Matt Takiff of Max's Midnight Kitchen with Photography by Maggie Heinzel-Neel. 
This album speaks to the current state of things. The nature of being an independent musician, which involves a lot of time on the computer, and on the other side, the tranquility we can find by just being with nature. I believe spending time outside of the screens is the solution to most of our issues as humans and will help us to connect with and preserve the beauty that is our humanness. Like my good friend Journey says we are all born absolutely perfect. This system forces our perfect little bodies into unnaturally shaped holes that don't make sense. We become wounded creatures when we are not properly nurtured and supported to wholly be ourselves. Drugs and alcohol help us cope with that. We can chose to cope and get by or to empower change or both. We can choose to leave or to stay and make things as lovely as they can be. Life is a precious gift. So precious. If we collectively hold a vision of beauty, gather, and and bring our energy together we will become our vision. We are really smart and powerful. Together we are exceptionally smart and powerful. I would love to talk, sing and dance more with you about it when I see you. But for now you can listen if you would like