There are very few singer-songwriters whose musical gifts I revere more highly than the lovely and amazing Liana Gabel. From a whisper to a bellerin', Liana's uniquely, intimately poetic songwriting is exquisitely animated by her lovechild-of-Björk-and-Billie-Holiday vocals.”

— James Keepnews


Through her music, Liana Gabel takes seemingly familiar stories, themes, and tropes about being human and transforms them into that which is profoundly unfamiliar and novel, yet warm and comforting.  Her observations about the changing landscape of our relationships, the country, the world, and her own life clearly inform her work as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and tap dancer. Liana interweaves the depth and breadth of her experiences through melodies, words, and dance in a nexus of feeling supported by her musical influences which include jazz, pop, folk, and indie rock. Liana surprises listeners both by defying genre and embracing syncopations and vocals that are continually refreshing, spritely, and fun.  \With her backing band, Liana encourages her listeners to search for the truth—whether it’s by spending time outside or by looking inside of their hearts.

Born and raised in Rochester New York, Liana now makes her home in the Hudson River Valley, lending her distinctive voice to the local music scene.  In addition fronting tTe Liana Gabel band, Liana has appeared in a steady stream of projects—from the jazz quintet Liana and the Michaels, to an EP of songs with songwriter Oscar Bilger, to her role as a tap dancer with Artists Alliance against Violence. She has also been a member of the indie rock band Blue Museum.  Independently, Liana has completed two full length albums: Rest and Heal in 2013, and will be officially releasing her latest album Go Outside on Rhyme & Reason Records this June.



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